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Our Story

Aquila Extracts originally started out as a hobby. Over the last 15 years, my partner and I became fascinated with the healing power of plants so much that we have dedicated our resources and energy into researching and sharing our favorite plant teachers with friends and family. With the recent legalization of cannabis and the growing interest in therapeutic plants, we wish to offer a space where people can have access to quality herbal medicine. Along with our products, we wish to provide information on their effects and usage based on personal experience and scientific studies when available (found in product description). We are excited to offer our first product on this website and are diligently working towards adding ethical supplements to our menu soon.

Our Mission

We intend to provide some of the highest quality sacred medicinal plants from different cultures and tribes around the world. We choose our suppliers carefully to insure that our products are sourced ethically and within legal guidelines of the country of origin. We sincerely hope that our descendants will be able to see the world in a way that we are able to today, in all of its diversity and beauty. With that hope, we will be donating a portion of our sales to forest & animal preservation, ocean cleanup, and the teaching of renewable agriculture.

Aquila Extracts